Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions of Quick IT Services LLC are a general statement in entirety that you need to know before purchasing any type of services from us or before sharing any personal information about you or your business.


  • Payment and fees should be made in full by the due date, 7 days from the date shown on the invoice. The client agrees to pay the company the agreed fee and any disbursements.
  • The agreed fee is based upon the services carried out and the information provided by the client at the time of tendering and subject to a quarterly review. If details have been provided by the client and it becomes apparent that the details are not reflective of the works then additional fees may apply.
  • Fees and quotations are subject to fluctuations, are exclusive of VAT and are available for acceptance for a period of 7 days.
  • In the event of termination of the agreement, for whatever reason, the client will be responsible for paying all fees due to the company, including costs, expenses and disbursements incurred by the company on behalf of the client up to and including any notice period.
  • Any postage, stationery or sundry items purchased on behalf of the client will be charged at cost.
  • The price for the work and the applicable hourly rates will be laid out in the letter of engagement and/or service agreement. Unless otherwise stated in the letter of engagement, the price and/or hourly rates will not include travelling expenses for journeys of more than 10 miles, postage, or sundry expenses incurred in the course of the work.


In the event of late payments the company reserve the right to charge a fixed late payment fee of $50.00 plus interest on all outstanding amounts at base rate plus 8% per calendar month, or part thereof from the last date that payment was due to the date payment is made.

Data and documents remains the property of the company until full and final payment is received.


All data produced by the company whilst performing its duties for the client, remain the property of the company. The client can apply to purchase any data. The cost and willingness to release any data remains at the discretion of the company.


The company offers the client no right of set off.


In accordance with the Data Protection Act the company and its employees will treat the client’s personal information as private and confidential. The client however should be aware that their contact details may be used during the process of providing the company's services on behalf of the client.

The company and its employees can not be held responsible for the security of any goods, documents or premises and its contents.


Should any employee of the company receive any form of physical or verbal abuse then the company's services would cease immediately and the client will be responsible for paying all fees due to the company, including costs, expenses and disbursements incurred at the time of termination.


Where it is necessary to post items relating to the work to the client or a third party, the company will use a tracked and signed for service. We recommend that the client uses a similar service when posting any items to the company. The company will not be held liable for loss, damage or theft of any items sent to the client whilst they are going through the postal service.


The client will be provided with a copy of the Terms and Conditions. The client is deemed to have accepted the contents of them.

he company shall not be liable for any losses or damage suffered by the client as a result of the activities of the company, the contents of any reports and documents and its obligations or events of force majeure.

To enable the company to carry out its duties the client agrees to provide the company with the required records and related financial information within 6 months of the year end and queries raised must be answered promptly. Other specific deadlines are identified within the service agreement. The client is responsible for ensuring all paperwork is delivered in a timely fashion.


The standard terms of engagement with the standard terms of Business apply to the client engagement letter, in respect to the individual services obtained.

Any changes to the following terms will be expressed in writing.


We understand that you require us to prepare the management accounts of your business.

This involves us in completing the writing up of your books and records, insofar as they are incomplete when presented to us, from the information and explanations supplied to us and preparing draft accounts therefrom for your approval.

We understand that you have agreed that your staff will be responsible for:

(a) Maintaining records of all receipts and payments of cash

(b) Reconciling cash book balances monthly with the bank statements

(c) Posting and balancing the purchase and sales ledgers

(d) Extracting a detailed list of ledger balances.

You will also provide estimates of any stocks at the end of each period.

You understand that we will not be carrying out an audit and accordingly will not verify the assets and liabilities of the business, nor the items of expenditure and income. To carry out an audit would require additional work to comply with generally accepted auditing standards which we are not authorised to carry out.

We would emphasise that we cannot undertake to discover any shortcomings in your systems or any irregularities on the part of your employees or others, although we will advise you of any such circumstances that we encounter in preparing your accounts.

The accounts are prepared for your exclusive use within your business. They should not be shown to any other party without our prior consent. To ensure that anyone reading the accounts is aware that we have not carried out an audit, we will annex to the accounts a short report. This report must remain attached to any accounts shown to any other parties.


Your responsibility for the preparation of accounts.

You have undertaken to make available to us, as and when required, all the accounting records and related financial information necessary for the compilation of the accounts. You will make full disclosure to us of all relevant information. The accounts need to be approved by you before we are able to issue our report.

You are responsible for ensuring that, to the best of your knowledge and belief, financial information, whether used by the business or for the accounts, is reliable. You are also responsible for ensuring that the activities of the business are conducted honestly and that its assets are safeguarded, and for establishing arrangements designed to deter fraudulent or other dishonest conduct and to detect any that occur.

You are responsible for ensuring that the business complies with the laws and regulations applicable to its activities, and for establishing arrangements designed to prevent any non-compliance with laws and regulations and to detect any that occur.

Our responsibilities for the preparation of accounts

  • We will compile your annual accounts based on the accounting records (maintained by you) and the information and explanations given to us by you. We shall prepare draft annual accounts for your approval.
  • We will advise you as to the adequacy of your records for preparation of the annual accounts and make recommendations for improvements which we consider necessary. We shall not be responsible if, as a result of you not taking our advice, you incur losses or penalties.
  • We will use reasonable skill and care in the preparation of your accounts but will not be responsible for errors arising from incorrect information supplied by you.
  • We will report, with any variations that we consider may be necessary, that in accordance with your instructions and in order to assist you to fulfil your responsibilities, we have compiled, without carrying out an audit, the accounts from your accounting records and from the information and explanations supplied to us.
  • We have a professional duty to compile accounts which conform to generally accepted accounting principles. Where we identify that the accounts do not conform to accepted accounting principles, or if the accounting policies adopted is not immediately apparent, this will be made clear in our report, if it is not clear in the accounts

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