Privacy Policy


1.1. By visiting and using our website, you are agreeing on our terms and conditions. You also give consent to cookies use our according with terms of the privacy policy.


2.1. In addition to the information, that you share with us for getting our services, we may collect, store and use several information, which include:

a) Information about your website visits and usage

b) Information about our services availed by you

c) Information that we collect about you from open public sources

2.2. Prior disclosing personal or business information about any third party with us, you need to get consent from the third party according to our terms and conditions.


3.1. If you share any personal information with us via the website, then that information can be used in this page or any other page of the website.

3.2. We may also use your personal information for:

a) Administer our business and website

b) Personalize our business and website

c) Enable you for using services from our website

d) Deliver goods and services purchased by you through our website

e) For sending payment reminders, invoices, bills, etc.

f) Send business communication

g) Keep our website secure from frauds

h) Timely verification of compliance according to terms and conditions of the website

3.3. If you provide personal information related to your business, then we can publish that information or use it in accordance of terms and conditions of our services. If required, we may also take consent from you before using any particular information.

3.4. You can directly speak with us, in case you want to change or alter any type of personal information. You can also tell us about personal information that you want not to be used or published.

3.5. Without your consent we will not share your personal information with any third party or for direct marketing of any third party.

3.6. During your business journey with us, any concerned third party such as payment collectors may also collect, store and use and personal information furnished by you.

We don’t control privacy policies of third parties, so you yourself should know about their terms and conditions.


4.1. We are free to disclose your personal information in front of our employees, team members, officers and insurers insofar there arise some necessities for different purposes, such as setting up policies.

4.2. We are free to disclose your personal information:

a)to the extent required according to the law

b)in situation of any ongoing legal proceedings

c)to exercise or defend our legal rights

d)to the purchaser or prospective purchaser of any asset that we are selling

4.3. Currently, we don’t have any intention of selling any of yours personal information to the third party, nor we intend to sell your personal information to third party in future.


5.1. We take all the necessary steps and precautions that are of technical and organizational in nature to prevent misuse, loss and alteration of your personal information.

5.2. We all are aware of the insecurity of the data that we share on the internet, and therefore, we don’t take any guarantee of security of data sent by you.

5.3. We never ask for the confidential password (except the one that you use on our website) that you use on our website, and therefore, we don’t take any responsibility of your password.


6.1. We keep on updating our privacy policy from time to time, and publish it on our website.

6.2. We cannot ensure that you will get a prior notice when we update our privacy policy.


7.1. Please inform us whenever you update or change your personal information.


8.1. Our website uses cookies.

8.2. Cookies is a file that consists of an identifier which is send via a web server to web browser. And, further it is stored in the web browser. The identifier is then consistently send back to the web server every time the browser sends requests to the web page.

8.3. Cookies are of two types: persistent and session. Persistent cookies is saved in the web browser and it remains stored until its expiry date is set or until and unless deleted by the user before the expiry date. On the other hand, session cookies is deleted after closing down the session.

8.4. Cookies does not consist of any information that is capable of personal identification of a user.

8.5. There are different browsers that automatically allows or restricts cookies.

8.6. You can anytime delete cookies that are stored in your computer.

8.7. If you delete or restrict cookies, then it can have a negative impact on the proper usage of the website.


9.1. This website is owned and managed by Quick IT Services LLC

9.2. At the time when we created or updated our privacy policy on the website, our address was 1629 Turtle Point Dr., Desoto,TX,75115,USA

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